SBX7 1 (Delta Reform Act) - In November 2009, the California Legislature enacted SBX7 1 (Delta Reform Act), one of several bills passed at this time related to water supply reliability, ecosystem health, and the Delta. The Act, effective on Feb. 3, 2010, created the Delta Stewardship Council. The Council is made up of seven members who provide a broad, statewide perspective and diverse expertise. In addition, they are advised by a 10-member board of nationally and internationally renowned scientists.

Event, Legislation, or Article

California Water Conservation Act of 2009 (SB X7-7) - enacted in November 2009 and requires that all water suppliers increase their water use efficiency.

Related Performance Measures

Bay Delta Plan Update 2018 - The State Water Resources Control Board adopted a plan on December 2018 designed to restore water flows through the Lower San Joaquin River and its tributaries the Stanislaus, Tuolumne, and Merced rivers.

Discovery of Nutria in California - Nutria was discovered in the Central Valley in 2017. By September 2018, the first reproducing population was discovered in the legal Delta.

  • Proliferation of Nutria can affect all Performance Measures.
  • Some Impacts of Nutria include:
    • Levee damage due to burrowing
    • Wetland habitat damage
    • Agricultural crop losses
    • Affect endangered and native species

SB 606/AB 1668 - "Water management planning" Act. In 2018, the legislator passed SB 606/AB 1668 which refined and codified many of the approaches laid out in B-37-16 and the California Water Action Plan. The legislation required measures related to each of the 4 goals for “Making Water Conservation a Way of Life for California.”

Water Year Type Designation - A water year (WY) type is classified at the end of the water year year (Oct 1-Sep 30) by DWR. A water year can be Wet, Above Normal, Below Normal, Dry, and Critical depending on the amount of precipitation of a hydrologic region. For WY 2018, it was classified as a below normal year.