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100 percent of all proposed actions other than habitat restoration have clearly demonstrated that significant adverse impacts for habitat restoration as described in ER P2 were avoided or mitigated.

Delta Plan Strategy

Restore Habitat

Delta Plan Policy

ER P2. Restore Habitats at Appropriate Elevations. Habitat restoration must be carried out consistent with Appendix 3, which is Section II of the Draft Conservation Strategy for Restoration of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Ecological Management Zone and the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley Regions (California Department of Fish and Wildlife 2011). The elevation map attached as Appendix 4 should be used as a guide for determining appropriate habitat restoration actions based on an area’s elevation. If a proposed habitat restoration action is not consistent with Appendix 4, the proposal shall provide rationale for the deviation based on best available science. For purposes of Water Code section 85057.5(a)(3) and section 5001(j)(1)(E) of this Chapter, this policy covers a proposed action that includes habitat restoration.

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