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The Measure

100 percent of proposed actions to construct new levees, substantially rehabilitate, or reconstruct existing levees in the opportunity areas defined in Appendix 8 (see Appendix B of the Delta Plan) demonstrate that they have evaluated alternatives (including use of setback levees), and where feasible, have incorporated such alternatives into levees projects to increase the extent of floodplain and riparian habitat.

Delta Plan Strategy

Restore Habitat

Delta Plan Policy

ER P04. Expand Floodplains and Riparian Habitats in Levee Projects. Levee projects must evaluate and where feasible incorporate alternatives, including the use of setback levees, to increase floodplains and riparian habitats. Evaluation of setback levees in the Delta shall be required only in the following areas (shown in Appendix 8): (1) The Sacramento River between Freeport and Walnut Grove, the San Joaquin River from the Delta boundary to Mossdale, Paradise Cut, Steamboat Slough, Sutter Slough; and the North and South Forks of the Mokelumne River, and (2) Urban levee improvement projects in the cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento. For purposes of Water Code section 85057.5(a)(3) and section 5001(j)(1)(E) of this Chapter, this policy covers a proposed action to construct new levees or substantially rehabilitate or reconstruct existing levees.

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