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The Measure

CDFW prioritizes unscreened diversions in the Delta for remediation. 

Measure Details

There are around 3,000 unscreened water diversions operating throughout the entire Delta watershed. The majority of these diversions are small agricultural intake pipes, however some in-Delta water diversions may impact juvenile fish migration and survival.  

CDFW maintains and updates lists of priority barriers, and collects field data to inform its prioritization of remaining unscreened diversions in the Delta (Remediation of unscreened diversions tracked in PM 4.13) 

Delta Plan Strategy

Protect Native Species and Reduce the Impact of Nonnative Invasive Species 

Delta Plan Recommendation

ER R “H.” Prioritize Unscreened Diversions within the Delta

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife should collect field data to inform prioritization of unscreened diversions within the Delta. 

Related Output/Outcome Performance Measure

PM 4.13 

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