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Chapter 2
Primary Agencies

The Measure

The Delta Science Program develops a Delta Science Plan including responding to Delta Independent Science Board review and comments by December 31, 2013.

Measure Details

In 2013, the Delta Science Program developed the Delta Science Plan as a shared framework to provide vision, principles, and approaches to better coordinate Delta science and effectively communicate the outcomes of science activities and their management implication to policy makers.

The Delta Science Plan progresses the vision of One Delta, One Science, an open Delta science community that works collaboratively to build a shared body of scientific knowledge with the capacity to adapt and inform water, environmental, and societal decisions. The Delta Science Plan is also an element of the three part Delta Science Strategy, a collection of guidance documents to achieve the vision of One Delta, One Science. The other two elements are the State of Bay Delta Science, and Science Action Agenda.

In 2019, the Delta Science Plan was updated.

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