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The Measure

Responsible local, state, and federal agencies with emergency response authority consider the recommendations of the Delta Multi-Hazard Coordination Task Force (Water Code section 12994.5) by January 1, 2014.

Measure Details

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Multi-Hazard Coordination Task Force, implemented through SB 27 (Stats. 2008, c. 608), requires Delta Counties to coordinate and recommend an emergency preparedness and response plan. The Northern California Catastrophic Flood Response Plan is a framework for agencies coordination and response in anticipation of and following a catastrophic flood event, with emphasis on impacts to the Delta. For more information please see the Multi-Hazard Coordination Task Force (PM 7.1) performance measure.

Delta Plan Strategy

Continue to Prepare for Delta Flood Emergencies

Delta Plan Recommendation

RR R1. Implement Emergency Preparedness and Response

The following actions should be taken to promote effective emergency preparedness and response in the Delta:

  • Responsible local, State, and federal agencies with emergency response authority should continue to implement the recommendations of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Multi-Hazard Coordination Task Force (Water Code section 12994.5). Such actions should support the development of a regional response system for the Delta.
  • Materials should be stockpiled in appropriate locations to make post-disaster repairs of breaches in levees along the water supply reliability corridor identified in the Delta Plan’s Figure 7-6, the western islands important to protection of water quality, and other levees, to complement improvement of levees as provided in RR P1.
  • Local levee-maintaining agencies, with assistance from DWR, should develop their own emergency action plans, training, and floodfight material stockpiles.
  • State and local agencies, and regulated utilities that own and/or operate infrastructure in the Delta should prepare coordinated emergency response plans to protect the infrastructure from long-term outages resulting from failures of the Delta levees. The emergency procedures should consider methods that also would protect Delta land use and ecosystem.


Related Output/Outcome Performance Measure

PM 7.1 Multi-Hazard Coordination Task Force

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