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The Measure

A Delta regional monitoring program is implemented within the first 5 years of the Delta Plan.

Measure Details

The Delta Regional Water Quality Monitoring Program (Delta RMP) was formed in 2014. The Delta RMP evaluates water quality data to better understand Delta water quality issues, and coordinates monitoring activities in and around the Delta, with the goal to inform policy and regulatory decisions for the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, state, federal, and local entities.

Delta RMP efforts are ongoing and program publications are available on the Delta RMP webpage.

Delta Plan Strategy

Improve Environmental Water Quality

Delta Plan Recommendation

WQ R9. Implement Delta Regional Monitoring Program. The State Water Resources Control Board and Regional Water Quality Control Boards should work collaboratively with the California Department of Water Resources, California Department of Fish and  Wildlife, and other agencies and entities that monitor water quality in the Delta to develop and implement a Delta Regional Monitoring Program that will be responsible for coordinating monitoring efforts so Delta conditions can be efficiently assessed and reported on a regular basis.

Related Output / Outcome Performance Measure

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