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The Measure

Identify percentage of urban and agricultural water suppliers that receive water from the Delta watershed that have incorporated an expanded Water Supply Reliability Element in their urban water management plan and agricultural water management plan by December 31, 2015.

Measure Details

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) receives Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs) from urban water suppliers every five years. In 2022, DWR reported that out of 238 urban water suppliers that receive Delta water through the State Water Project (SWP) and submitted the UWMP, 162 (68%) of the UWMPs contained the Delta reduced reliance element. Of the 10 agricultural water suppliers that receive SWP water and submitted the Agricultural Water Management Plan (AWMP) to DWR, all 10 (100%) included the reduced reliance element. The Delta reduced reliance element allows to report measurable reductions in reliance on Delta water and improvements in regional self-reliance. UWMPs and AWMPs are available on DWR Water Use Efficiency Data portal.

Delta Plan Strategy

Increase Water Conservation and Expand Local and Regional Supplies

Delta Plan Recommendation

WR R4. Expanded Water Supply Reliability Element. Water suppliers that receive water from the Delta watershed should include an expanded water supply reliability element, starting in 2015, as part of the update of an urban water management plan, agricultural water management plan, integrated water management plan, or other plan that provides equivalent information about the supplier’s planned investments in water conservation and water supply development. The expanded water supply reliability element should detail how water suppliers are reducing reliance on the Delta and improving regional self-reliance consistent with Water Code section 85201 through investments in local and regional programs and projects, and should document the expected outcome for a measurable reduction in reliance on the Delta and improvement in regional self-reliance. At a minimum, these plans should include a plan for possible interruption of water supplies for up to 36 months due to catastrophic events impacting the Delta, evaluation of the regional water balance, a climate change vulnerability assessment, and an evaluation of the extent to which the supplier’s rate structure promotes and sustains efficient water use.

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