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The Measure

California Department of Water Resources completes surface water storage studies by December 31, 2012, with recommendations for projects to be implemented.

Measure Details

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is a coordinating agency for ongoing surface water storage studies. DWR has also conducted several water storage studies including investigation in a Los Vaqueros Reservoir expansion located on the Delta system.  For the most part, surface water projects are currently being led by local sponsors. These may receive state funding and review, for example the surface water storage projects funded by Proposition 1 and the California Water Commission (CWC) Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP), such as Sites Reservoir and Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion.

Delta Plan Strategy

Improve Conveyance, Expand Storage, and Improve the Operation of Both

Delta Plan Recommendation

WR R13. Complete Surface Water Storage Studies. The California Department of Water Resources should complete surface water storage investigations of proposed off-stream surface storage projects by December 31, 2012, including an evaluation of potential additional benefits of integrating operations of new storage with proposed Delta conveyance improvements, and recommend the critical projects that need to be implemented to expand the state’s surface storage.


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