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The Measure

California Department of Water Resources has completed the development and initiated implementation of an integrated statewide system for water use reporting in coordination with other State agencies by 2014.

Measure Details

Passed by the legislature in 2016, the Open and Transparent Water Data Act (AB 1755 (Stats.2016, c. 506) requires state agencies, including the Department of Water Resources (DWR), State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and California Water Quality Monitoring Council to create a statewide integrated system for data sharing.

The California Natural Resources Agency data portal serves as the primary repository for statewide water data. The Portal includes reporting of available data on water use, including the state wide water budget data used to develop the 2018 California Water Plan Update water budgets.

Delta Plan Strategy

Improved Water Management Information

Delta Plan Recommendation

WR R17. Integrated Statewide System for Water Use Reporting. The California Department of Water Resources, in coordination with the State Water Resources Control Board, California Department of Public Health, California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission, Bureau of Reclamation, California Urban Water Conservation Council, and other stakeholders, should develop a coordinated statewide system for water use reporting. This system should incorporate recommendations for inclusion of data needed to better manage California’s water resources. The system should be designed to simplify reporting; reduce the number of required reports where possible; be made available to the public online; and be integrated with the reporting requirements for the urban water management plans, agricultural water management plans, and integrated regional water management plans. Water suppliers that export water from, transfer water through, or use water in the Delta watershed should be full participants in the database.

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