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Information in updated Bulletin 118 is included in the next (2018) California Water Plan Update and the 2015 Urban Water Management Plans and Agricultural Water Management Plans.

Measure Details

The California Water Plan 2018 Update, released in June 2019, includes information from the Bulletin 118 Interim Update 2016. The updated Bulletin 118 is available for local water suppliers to update their groundwater management plans. The California Water Plan next update is scheduled for 2023. Information from Bulletin 118 was not in 2015 Urban or Agricultural Water Management Plans except where voluntarily included by water suppliers.

Delta Plan Strategy

Improve groundwater management

Delta Plan Recommendation

WR R9. Update Bulletin 118, California’s Groundwater Plan. The California Department of Water Resources, in consultation with the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Geological Survey, the State Water Resources Control Board, and other agencies and stakeholders, should update Bulletin 118 information using field data, California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM), groundwater agency reports, satellite imagery, and other best available science by December 31, 2014, so that this information can be included in the next California Water Plan Update and be available for inclusion in 2015 urban water management plans and agricultural water management plans. The Bulletin 118 update should include a systematic evaluation of major groundwater basins to determine sustainable yield and overdraft status; a projection of California’s groundwater resources in 20 years if current groundwater management trends remain unchanged; anticipated impacts of climate change on surface water and groundwater resources; and recommendations for State, federal, and local actions to improve groundwater management. In addition, the Bulletin 118 update should identify groundwater basins that are in a critical condition of overdraft.

Related Output/Outcome Performance Measure

PM 3.8 Sustainable Groundwater

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