The Measure

State investments in ecosystem restoration in subsided areas, coordinated by DWR, CDFW, and the Delta Conservancy, are directed at projects that both reverse subsidence and restore intertidal marsh habitat.

Measure Details

Subsidence reversal activities support multiple, diverse goals, such as protecting the state’s water supply, reducing flood risk, and reducing carbon emissions. Some subsidence reversal approaches, such as managed wetlands and rice cultivation, can also support migratory birds by providing food sources and habitat. In less-subsided portions of the Delta and Suisun Marsh, subsidence reversal could also raise land elevations to sea level and create opportunities to reestablish connections to the tidal regime.  

DWR’s North Delta Program and  West Delta Program, CDFW’s Wetlands Restoration for Greenhouse Gass Reduction Program, and SSJDC programs target subsidence-reversal investments to appropriate locations.  

Projects tracked in PM 4.12.

Delta Plan Strategy

Protect Land for Restoration and Safeguard Against Land Loss 

Delta Plan Recommendation

ER RC. Fund Targeted Subsidence Reversal Actions.  

(a) The Delta Conservancy should develop incentive programs for public and private land owners that encourage land management practices that stop subsidence on deeply subsided lands in the Delta and Suisun Marsh.  

(b) In order to ensure the long-term durability of state investments in restoration, State agencies that fund ecosystem restoration in subsided areas should direct investments to areas that have opportunities to both reverse subsidence and restore intertidal marsh habitat.  

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