External resources that provide information on the Delta used by the Council.

California Natural Resource Agency Open Data – This platform was developed to provide data to California’s citizens and agencies transparently. It supports the missions of CNRA’s organizations and programs and is the definitive place for the State natural resource agencies (like DWR and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife) to publish and share their data.

California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) website – This website provides real-time hydrologic updates related to water supply and quality, precipitation, flood forecasting, and more.

Dayflow Program website – This website provides data related to Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta water flows. It is managed by DWR's Environmental Planning & Information Branch Dayflow Program.

CalEnviroScreen – This mapping tool identifies communities in California that are most affected by various sources of pollution.

California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN) website – This website is California’s data system for surface water quality. Hosted by the State Water Board, it houses water quality data from various programs, agencies, and studies.

My Water Quality Web Portal – Hosted by the California Water Quality Monitoring Council, this Portal presents monitoring and assessment data on California water quality and aquatic ecosystems.

The 2019 State of the Estuary Report – This Report, most recently published in 2019, describes the health of the San Francisco Estuary using several biological, physical, and social indicators.

The Delta Scenario Planning Tool – Developed by the San Francisco Estuary Institute, this tool assists users with developing, analyzing, and evaluating different land-use scenarios in the Delta based on a body of work to inform landscape-scale restoration of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta ecosystem.

The Economic Sustainability Plan – The Delta Protection Commission prepared this report, as required by the Delta Reform Act (Public Resources Code section 29759) in 2012, and continues to update individual sections: Recreation and Tourism chapter in 2020, Agriculture chapter in 2019-2020, and Socioeconomic Indicators in 2018.

USGS Data Integration Portal – This Portal supports data integration for the San Francisco Estuary. The tool provides real-time monitoring data for various water quality constituents from DWR and USGS. It also includes three separate interactive dashboards tracking micro and macroinvertebrates abundance and density, water quality, and phytoplankton density.

Visit CA Delta Website – This website promotes awareness of the Delta as a world-class tourism destination and as a place for people, homes, and businesses that is filled with human history, cultural richness, and diversity. 

Water Conservation Portal – Created by the State Water Resources Control Board, this Portal shares resources relating to water conservation.