Five of 11 of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta’s legacy communities have completed community action plans.

The Measure

Prepare and implement plans for the vitality and preservation of each Delta legacy community.

  • Expectations

    Every Delta legacy community adopts and implements its vitality and preservation Community Action Plan.

  • Performance Metrics

    • Number of community action plans adopted and initiated to achieve legacy community Delta Plan objectives, evaluated annually.

Legacy Community Action Plan Adoption

This chart shows the percentage of plans adopted and implemented by legacy communities since 2010. The percentages are out of 11 legacy communities. The map indicates locations and planning status of legacy communities.

Legacy Communities in the Delta

Next Data Update: The Delta Protection Commission’s Community Action Planning web page provides information regarding new Community Action Plans as they are completed.

The Delta has many communities with unique character and histories. The legacy communities have rich and unique natural, agricultural, and cultural heritages. In order to ensure that the Delta legacy communities remain vital areas, community action plans are being developed for each legacy community.

Vital communities are areas where residents work together to achieve a balance of positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes. Improving community vitality increases the likelihood of enduring economic downturns, natural disasters, social difficulties, and unforeseen stressors.

Tracking community action plans will help determine if legacy communities have plans to maintain their vitality. Tracking the implementation of those plans will help determine if these communities are achieving designated objectives that preserve Delta vitality.

Each chapter of the Delta plan includes strategies to achieve the goals of the plan. These strategies are general guidance on achieving the objective laid out in the plan and in the Delta Reform Act of 2009. Associated with these strategies are recommendations. The recommendations describe more specific and implementable actions to support the achievement of Delta Plan strategies. Strategies may also have associated performance measures. Delta Plan performance measures track progress in achieving desired outcomes for the Delta Plan. Below are the strategies and recommendations associated with this performance measure. 

Delta Plan Strategy
  • Plan to Protect the Delta’s Lands and Communities

Delta Plan Recommendations
  • Plan for the Vitality and Preservation of Legacy Communities
  • Buy Rights of Way from Willing Sellers When Feasible
  • Provide Adequate Infrastructure
  • Plan for State Highways
  • Subsidence Reduction and Reversal

To measure the number of community action plans adopted and initiated to achieve legacy community Delta Plan objectives, evaluated annually.


Set at zero as of the Delta Plan’s adoption date, May 2013.


All legacy communities have plans adopted by 2021.

25 percent implementation of plan objectives achieved by 2025.

The Delta Protection Commission has worked in partnership with communities and experts to create actionable plans that address local issues and needs. The Commission is assisting community members with implementing the community action plans, including providing planning and policy expertise, assistance with obtaining funding, and serving as a government liaison. Broadband infrastructure, community design, and public safety are three main areas of focus.  

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